Thursday, June 4

Sarawakian graduates called to apply for Ekuinas’ Iltizam


KUCHING: Sarawakian graduates who have trouble searching for permanent employment are encouraged to apply for Ekuiti Nasional Bhd’s (Ekuinas) Iltizam Professional Development Programme (PDP) 2019 intake before applications close on September 30, 2019.

Ekuinas’ Iltizam PDP is a cornerstone programme under Iltizam’s Education pillar. Established in 2012, the programme targets graduates from low-income families that have not been able to find permanent employment for more than six months and have not been part of a management-training programme.

Successful applicants will be employed by either Ekuinas, its investee companies or partners for the duration of one year. Ekuinas works closely with the partners and investee companies across industries such as retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), oil and gas, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, food and beverage (F&B) as well as education.

Portfolio companies include Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd and Cosmopoint Group while partner companies include Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, among others.

Trainees will be provided training to learn the core skills needed for the corporate workplace and the qualities needed to be highly marketable and employable.

On benefits that trainees can obtain from the Iltizam PDP, Ekuinas director in Stakeholders’ Interest Hizwani Hassan revealed that it will make them highly employable.

“We think that there’s graduate unemployment in Malaysia but at the same time, we think that there are jobs available and it’s just that maybe, they (graduates) do not know how to look for the jobs,” Hizwani said.

“Maybe they do not know how to do interviews or write resumes or CVs and maybe the university does not equip them to have the soft skills.

“If you join a multinational company or bank, there are structured training programmes, but those are for high-flyers. You will find high-flyers, maybe they studied overseas or maybe they have a better network (that allows them to) get that job.

“What we want to do (with Iltizam PDP) is we want to find those who don’t have the same benefits and go through the same programme.”

Trainees of the programme will undergo training and activities, including but not limited to, coaching and mentoring, communications skills training, on-the-job training, progress reviews and assessment, team building and endurance training, image and branding, personal leadership development, business and financial training, Microsoft Office skills, book club or drama and entrepreneursip.

The Iltizam PDP is meant to provide trainees with a comprehensive and well-rounded training and exposure to the current working environment, as well as to prepare them for their next level of growth and career.

The programme accepts around 75 trainees for each intake of the programme. In 2018, 70 trainees graduated and 75 new trainees were accepted into Iltizam PDP. The new trainees were selected from 7,000 applications across the country.

“Last year from Sarawak, we had 83 applications with only one accepted. We want more people to apply. The previous year (2017) we had 88 from Sarawak and six were offered (spots in the programme) and from the six, four applicants took the offers,” he revealed.

To date, 85 per cent of selected graduates in this programme have found permanent employment at the end of their one year duration with the programme.

Sarawakian trainee graduates under the Iltizam PDP, Hafiz Iqbar bin Manan and Nurul Nadzirah binti Yusman, had high praises for the programme.

“My advice for fresh graduates is to take part in this programme because it is a big opportunity to upgrade themselves as the (job) market now is very challenging today and this programme is good for those who want to upgrade their personal skills,” Hafiz said.

As for Nurul, she also advised fresh graduates to apply for this programme as it provides them a platform for them to build their career.

“This programme is a good stepping stone for them to start to realise their potential and enhance their skills to become more employable in the future,” she enthused.

Interested applicants should possess at least CGPA 3.0, be a Bumiputera graduate from public and private universities (IPTA and IPTS) in Malaysia from any fields of study, have a household income of not more than RM5,000 a month and possess good communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Participants of this programme will be given benefits which include a monthly allowance of RM2,500, EPF and PERKESO contributions, insurance coverage, medical benefits and annual leave.

Interested applicants may apply to join the 2019 intake via or email the application to [email protected]

Applications should provide an updated resume, lastest examination transcript and a recent passport size photograph.