Friday, June 5

Eight Sri Aman water plants operating at minimum capacity


Photo shows the low water level at Sungai Marup.

SRI AMAN: Eight water treatment plants in Sri Aman Division are currently operating at minimum capacity.

The Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) said in a statement yesterday that the water treatment plants are in Bayai, Pantu, Melugu, Stumbin, Seduku, Lingga, Lemanak Development Scheme, and Engkilili.

“Among all of the water treatment plants, the one located in Engkilili is currently the worst affected as the water level at Sungai Marup, which feeds the Engkilili treatment plant, has suffered severe deterioration and is currently on alert,” said the department.

The department has taken the immediate action of rationing water supply to between 8am and 10am, and from 3pm to 5pm, until water levels return to normal at the Engkilili water treatment plant.

There will also be water collection centres in Lingga, Stumbin, Seduku, and Pantu, as well as centralised water collection points in front of the Sri Aman Public Works Department building, Sarawak government flats at Jalan Kedang, in front of the Sri Aman Prison Centre, Kampung Pakit, and Lachau bazaar.

“Water delivery using tanker trucks will also be carried out by Sri Aman JBALB to severely affected areas daily until 12am,” said the department.

The department has also activated its Sri Aman operations room, which is open from 8am to 10pm daily, and can be contacted on 083-323240 or 083-323242.

The latest developments can be found on the Sarawak JBALB Facebook page.

Photo shows the low water level at the Engkilili treatment plant.