Friday, June 5

Adapting to technological changes in the workplace


AS Sarawak continues to develop its digital economy, we are constantly reminded to learn and accept technological changes or be left behind.

Technology has proven to be beneficial for our everyday lives, and more so in the workplace.

The rapid change in the workplace is unavoidable due to the emergence of tech.

Thus, the responsibility of adapting to these changes does not lie solely on the IT department but on everyone in the organisation.

Generally, Millennials are more receptive when it comes to technology.

However, there are some who might not be as confident as others, as innovation and changes can be overwhelming.

For them, coping with new advances in tech can be stressful and learning how to use the new tools could bring about anxiety and even resistance.

While working with new tech can be intimidating, this is not a good reason to stop trying to understand the tools now at your disposal.

Various tech like cloud computing, smart data storage, video conferencing, and wireless networking have helped get things done in a more efficient way and assisted us to be more productive in the workplace.

To cope with the changes, there are several simple yet effective ways to help you out.

First, you need to understand that changes due to new tech are inevitable, but how they will impact you will depend entirely on you.

Thus, you need to understand what the changes are, why they are necessary, how the tech will be implemented, and how they could benefit everyone in the future.

Technological changes happen because they meet the current needs of the organisation; so to cope with them you can start slow, particularly by reading up on the relevant topics in articles, blogs, and books.

While doing this, take some time to be familiar with the tech before you start using them in your work.

When you do get the chance to use them in your work, make sure you sharpen your skills to reinforce your understanding of the new tech.

By continuously using new tech, you are more than likely to see how they can improve your work and help you become more productive in your career.

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