Claim MPKK chairman to be paid RM3,500 a month not true – PH Sarawak


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KUCHING: The chairman of the Village Community Management Council (MPKK) will receive a monthly allowance of RM500 and not RM3,500 as claimed by certain groups on social media.

This was conveyed by Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak via a press statement yesterday, in which the coalition expressed dismay over the ‘fake news’ spread by irresponsible parties on the mechanism and payment of MPKK.

“We would like to clarify that the monthly allowance of MPKK chairman is RM500 and not RM3,500 as being circulated on social media, while the MPKK secretary is to receive RM300 a month and not RM2,300 as circulated on social media,” the statement read.

The statement was jointly issued by Amanah Sarawak secretary Abang Abdul Halil Abang Naili, DAP Sarawak secretary Senator Alan Ling, PKR Sarawak secretary Vernon Kedit, and Bersatu Sarawak chaiman Jaziri Alkaf Abdillah Suffian.

It was also pointed out that the monthly allowance is to be paid by the federal government through the Rural Development Ministry and will be banked-in directly to the chairman and secretary, and not through the District Office or Resident’s Office.

It said the model of MPKK for Sarawak differs from what is stated in the ‘Tatacara MPKK’ page on the ministry’s website, adding correct information on the council can be obtained by contacting the PH Sarawak secretariat through any PH component party members at grassroots level.

“The Tatacara MPKK’ page on the Ministry of Rural Development’s website applies to states governed by PH; the form on the website does not apply to Sarawak.”

It was reported Monday that the list of candidates for MPKK is currently being finalised and will be submitted to the Rural Development Ministry by this month end, with appointments to be made in November.

Each MPKK committee will received an annual grant of RM10,000 to carry out their respective activities.

There are some 5,900 villages and longhouses throughout the state.