Friday, August 19

Retrenched staff of Toko Electronic seek help at Socso Open Day


Two of Socso’s clients attending the ‘Mobile Physiotherapy & Consultation’ yesterday.

KUCHING: Retrenched staff members of Toko Electronic (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd were among those who came to the Social Security Organisation (Socso) Open Day at the Socso office here on Tuesday.

Socso Sarawak director Philip Sangkan said they came to seek help from Socso.

“More than 20 staff members came and we have directed them to register themselves with our Employment Insurance System (EIS) apart from registering themselves to get monthly allowance from us, payable during the period that they are not working or while waiting for other job opportunities,” said Philip when met at the Socso Open Day.

“First our team will get their details, qualification, and experience. We try to match with the current job market. We will scout around which employer can employ them based on their qualities,” he added.

He said the amount of allowance would depend on their last drawn salary and the amount contributed to Socso.

“For example, if their basic is RM1,100, about 80 per cent of the total amount will be paid out until they get another job after which the allowances will stop.

“However, the balance of 20 per cent will be paid out based on the individual’s commitment and initiatives to look for another job, and not just leave it to Socso to find a job for them,” he said.

It was said that last Monday (Sept 30) was the last day of the retrenchment exercise carried out by Toko Electronics due to downsizing, during which some 80 staff were laid off.

According to the Sarawak Employment Services Activities Report and Lost of Employment Applications statistics from January to August 2019 this year, about 1,195 Socso contributors were reported to have lost their jobs and Socso had already paid out RM1.7 million in allowance.

The Socso Open Day is held every Tuesday to provide services such as receiving claims, return to work programme (RTW), rehabilitation, mobile physiotherapy and consultation, health screening, personality tests besides a talk on Socso products.

Philip believes there are many employers who have not registered their employees with Socso.

“For employers, if they fail to register themselves and their employees, it is an offence and they can be charged according to the Employees’ Social Security Act 1969, punishable up to RM10,000 or two years’ imprisonment,” he said.

He added that this year 22 employers in Kuching had been prosecuted and 113 compounds were issued for failing to register their employees and submit contributions.