Sunday, April 18

Developer strives to bring back ‘glorious days’ to Tg Lobang


Goh (right) shows Ting some sections of Tanjong Lobang areas that need some repairs and upgrading.

MIRI: There is a need to upgrade and repair the facilities at Tanjong Lobang beach and recreations park to ensure the safety of the visitors.

In this respect, Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebastian Ting says the development company that currently manages the area is in the midst of doing the necessary maintenance and enhancement works before opening it fully to the public.

“Tanjong Lobang was a glorious place some 40, 50 years ago – the beach and the recreational park were the most visited sites.

“Now, there are many facilities that need proper repair and upgrading works. Nonetheless, I am sure that with close public-private partnership, it (Tanjong Lobang) will surely be ready to welcome more visitors soon,” said Ting when met during an inspection on the area yesterday, where he was accompanied by the development company’s person-in-charge, Datuk David Goh.

Meanwhile, Goh told reporters that the claim about the privatisation of Tanjong Lobang made in August this year, was ‘an unfair statement’.

“For the record, before the Miri City Council (MCC) handed the beach over to our company for development, it (MCC) had spent roughly RM900,000 for the maintenance and cleanliness of the park, beach and other related works.

“The development, which has been running since we took over, such as construction of new buildings, comprises the necessary refurbishing works. With the amount of visitors, the public would welcome such development.

“Instead of magnifying the bad aspects such as the reckless rubbish-dumping by the public, he (the elected representative who made the privatisation claim) should look at the good side. We are spending tens of thousands of ringgit maintaining the place – there’s very little profit in what we are doing.

“In fact, we are passionate about the project because we want to turn it into a tourism landmark in the city, as well as a family-friendly recreations area for the local community,” said Goh.