Tuesday, October 20

Provocative statements at Malay Dignity Congress can harm racial harmony – KKCCCI



KOTA KINABALU: Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKCCCI) deputy president Datuk Chang Chin Shin has urged the people, especially academicians, to do away with ethnocentric mindset which could lead to extreme and provocative statements that harmed racial harmony.

Chang expressed regret over speeches made at the recent Malay Dignity Congress, including the controversial remark that ‘Malaysia belonged to the Malays’ and the proposed abolishment of vernacular schools.

“The Prime Minister should put a stop to these provocative statements,” Chang said.

He said the chamber is worried that the demands made in the congress would exacerbate the racial tension in the country and cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Chang said the mindset that Malaysia belonged to the Malays even after our country has achieved independence for decades is both dangerous and worrying.

“This extreme mindset could hurt the feelings and dignity of other races. We, Malaysians, should unite in our stand that Malaysia belongs to all of us. And together, we shall move the country towards prosperity and progress,” Chang asserted.

He said Article 152 of the Federal Constitution clearly stipulates the rights for other races to practise their mother tongue education.

“The Federal Constitution states that no one shall be prohibited from teaching and learning any other language, or the study of the language of any other community,” Chang pointed out.

Chang urged the people to refrain from making insensitive remarks.

He said there should be balanced development among the different races to narrow the gap between ethnic groups, thereby ensuring sustainable progress, harmony and prosperity for our country.