Monday, August 10

Driver leaps to safety from burning van


Firemen dousing the burning van at Bunga Road, near Milimewa Supermarket yesterday.

TAWAU: A van was destroyed by fire at Bunga Road near Milimewa Supermarket yesterday morning.

District police chief ACP Peter AK Umbuas said the van caught fire while entering Bunga Road about 11.30 am.

He said the van driver, a 38-year-old local man was not hurt as he managed to jump out of the van when it caught fire. The van that was still moving, hit a Perodua Myvi parked in front of a barber shop.

The Myvi owner managed to shift the car from the area before firemen arrived and put out the fire, he said.

He added the cause of the fire was caused by the van’s overheated battery.