Thursday, June 4

Community leaders, longhouse chiefs from Poyut/Lubok Nibong oppose MPKK


Randi (seated sixth left) and Wong (fifth right) posing with the Tuai Rumah of longhouses in the area.

MARUDI: A total of 42 longhouse and village chiefs including four community leaders from Poyut/Lubok Nibong area are against the move by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government to set up the Village Community Management Council (MPKK) in their respective areas.

Among them are Pemanca Randi Bundan, Pemanca Wong Kiong Ching, Penghulu Hillary Tawan Achai and Penghulu Tie King Un of Mulu constituency.

They expressed their disapproval at a meeting in Mulu Service Centre yesterday morning.

Speaking on behalf of the longhouse and village chiefs, Randi said the existing  Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) in their areas has proven time after time to be still relevant and very effective in disseminating information and monitoring village/longhouse projects, conducting activities, solving problems and taking care of the welfare of the people in the villages.

Randi strongly denied the claim that the MPKK had been set up in his area, saying it is a dirty political tactic by PH and they all rejected the MPKK.

He feared that the MPKK would split the longhouse and village community, who had been united and living in harmony under the present JKKK system.

He advised longhouse chiefs who had received the MPKK form not to fill it.

TR Jimbau Ena, who is the Poyut/Lubok Nibong Development Committee chairman, said they totally opposed the MPKK because it had a political element to it, which could jeopardise the peace and unity in the community.