Saturday, September 19

Cops to continue probe into disappearance of Puteri Nurardiana – Dev Kumar


Dev Kumar in conversation with Puteri Nurardiana’s father during his visit to the family’s home in Kampung Baru Laut. (Inset) Puteri Nurardiana Damia Qaisara Abdullah.

BINTULU: The police will continue their probe into the disappearance of six-year-old Puteri Nurardiana Damia Qaisara Abdullah, who was reported missing from her family’s home in Kampung Baru Laut on Sept 28.

Sarawak Deputy Police Commissioner Dato Dev Kumar said despite having no new leads in the three weeks since the child disappeared, police would be intensifying their investigation.

He said he was briefed on the case at the district police headquarters here yesterday morning, before meeting the girl’s parents and family members at their home.

“I hope the family members of the victim would be patient as the police have done their best in investigating the case,” he said after the visit.

Dev Kumar said he was also taken to the location where Puteri Nurardiana is believed to have fallen into the Kemena river, in order to get a better understanding of the case.

The child was reported missing by her family, and is feared to have fallen into the river. Her parents told police they woke up from sleep around 3.30am that day to discover that she was no longer in the house.