Tecoma bloom is back in Miri


Beautiful morning scene of Tecoma blossoming against the morning sun and fog at Jalan Padang Kerbau taken at 6.44am Sunday. — Picture courtesy of EV photo

MIRI: The Tecoma blooms are back and Mirians are snapping up the chance for selfies and welfies before they are gone with the wind again.

The beautiful blooms have become an attraction and delighted both locals and visitors to the city, who flock to the parks and roadsides to see them.

Miri mayor Adam Yii Siew Sang said Miri City Council is planning to add a dash of landscaping floral delights by planting 300 Tecoma trees at the open spaces of Permyjaya Township next month.

“We intend to plant more Tecoma and other flowering plants in the city,” he said.

Tecoma plants were introduced by the Landscape Department of Miri Municipal Council as part of the beautification programme of then Miri Town before it was upgraded to a city in 2005.

The flowers bloomed in late April this year and peaked in May, making the roadside a floral paradise as they dropped and covered the ground in a layer of beautiful colours.

Often compared to Japan’s cherry blossom or ‘sakura’, the pink, red and white Tecoma flowers lining the roads offer a picturesque scene and attract anyone with a smartphone like a magnate.

MCC has intended to plant more of these trees at Miri Public Park and Bulatan Park Miri to enliven the city with their beautiful and colourful petals.

Tecoma is a type of forest tree that comes into full bloom during the dry season, and the last dry spell in Miri due to El Nino may have sparked a second lesser bloom in the city this month.

Any rain during the flowering period will cause the flowers to drop and they are already starting to drop this week,

Meanwhile, aficionados in Miri are making a beeline to take photos before this short window of opportunity closes.