Wednesday, February 19

How to hire talents for your start-up


IN operating a start-up, you’re generally on shaky ground. You’re running on limited capital and you’ve yet to build a solid reputation for your business, which means finding people to work for you can be an arduous task.

Still, if you do need a team to keep your start-up active, searching for the right people is possible despite the competition you’ll face from corporate organisations.

Here are a few ways to recruit the best talents for your new business:


Establish your brand

Because you won’t have the means to offer high salary to potential talents just yet, a strong business brand that has growth opportunities may help convince them to be part of your start-up.

Establishing your brand involves identifying your long-term business vision and mission, and developing your products or services.

If you’ve been working with a small team, create and maintain a great working culture as a way to attract top talents through word-of-mouth, with your collaborators spreading the word on their positive work experience.

To further build your start-up reputation, promote it online through social networking sites and blogs, and offline via relevant business events.


Consider remote workers or freelancers

Where local talents are hard to find and your start-up doesn’t require the full presence of your employees, consider recruiting remote workers.

As mentioned in previous articles, remote workers have proven to be highly productive. Plus, thanks to the Internet and advancements in telecommunication technology, you have many potential talents from around the world to choose from.

If you can’t afford to have full-timers, search for freelancers and stay in touch with those who have been delivering results for your start-up.

When you eventually have the financial resources, you can offer them the opportunity to be part of your team permanently.


Attend events and meet-ups

A more affordable way to find talents for your start-up is to attend events and meet-ups where your potential candidate might go.

These functions are also a great opportunity to boost your business presence, network with possible clients and partners, and gain knowledge and skills that can further enhance your business strategy.


Consider the people you want

Most importantly, you need to know what kind of people you want for your start-up.

Before beginning your talent search, outline requirements that your potential employees should possess based on the needs of your business, including skills, personality traits, and interests.

And when meeting them, determine their capability and suitability for your burgeoning company based on your conversations with them.

As you continue your search for people to work with you, ensure that you revise your talent requirements based on your recruiting experience and the changing needs of your start-up.


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