Tuesday, August 4

Toddler stuck in washing machine for 30 minutes


Firemen working to free the toddler stuck in the washing machine yesterday. – Photo from Beluran Fire and Rescue Department

BELURAN: A three-year-old girl ended up stuck in a washing machine for about 30 minutes after she climbed into the machine with a stool, at around 3.40 pm in Taman Pandan here, yesterday.

Beluran Fire and Rescue Department responded to a distress call by the victim’s father regarding the incident through MERS999 at 3.51 pm before sending a fire rescue truck with seven firemen led by Operation Commander, PB Muhamad Radif Barhim.

According to a spokesperson of the Beluran Fire and Rescue Department, the victim, Afiah Faihah Zulkifli, was stuck in the dryer part of the washing machine.

The team then used detergent water to slide the child out of the machine. The child was successfully taken out of the washing machine after 20 minutes.

The operation ended at 4.16 pm with the victim was unharmed.