Monday, February 17

Old McDonald’s: Aussie mates show off burger bought in 1995


A McDonald’s burger bought in 1995 and kept in an Australian shed for years which has never decomposed. — AFP photo

SYDNEY: A McDonald’s burger bought in 1995 and kept in an Australian shed for years has never decomposed, according to two men who now refer to the quarter-century Quarter Pounder as their ‘mate’.

Casey Dean, 39, and Eduards Nits, 38, claim they ordered the Quarter Pounder with cheese from a McDonald’s outlet in Adelaide as teenagers – and have hung onto it ever since.

“Being teenagers we ordered a truckload of food, and it was just way too much,” Dean told AFP.

“It started a chain of events where we were joking ‘imagine if we kept this forever’, and here we are.”

Though the burger has shrunk a little from its original size, its shape remains intact, there are no signs of mould, and it doesn’t smell.

“Even the sesame seeds are still on there, just a few have been knocked off,” Dean said.

The men say their relationship with the Quarter Pounder will span 25 years by November 2020, a milestone even many marriages fail to reach.

“We have been talking about taking him back to his birthplace, just go see the staff there and see if he recognises anyone,” Dean said.

Dubbing it the ‘Senior Burger’ and referring to it repeatedly as their ‘mate’, the men have created social media profiles for the burger and even wrote a song about it.

They believe it is the oldest known McDonald’s burger in the world, outranking a prominent decade-old cheeseburger displayed in a glass case in Iceland and live-streamed online to thousands of viewers. — AFP