‘Preparations for teaching of Science, Maths in English complete’


THE state Education Department has readied the needed materials and preparations to commence the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English for Primary 1 pupils next year, says Dato Sri Michael Manyin.

The Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research said the preparations included the module to train teachers, as well as conducting training programmes for teachers and education officers.

“The department has trained 2,853 primary school Science and Mathematics teachers who will be teaching Primary 1 next year, and relevant officers.

“The department has also conducted briefing for all headmasters and senior officers from all 31 district education offices in the state, and printing of Science and Mathematics textbooks and workbooks in English,” Manyin said during his ministerial winding-up speech yesterday.

He added the textbooks and workbooks would be distributed to all schools by the end of this month.

Manyin told the august House that his ministry is also producing videos of experienced teachers teaching Science and Mathematics in English, and these videos will be distributed to all schools as supplementary resources.

“My ministry is also providing resource materials in English to assist the teachers. We are also setting up a monitoring mechanism to detect any problem as quickly as possible so that remedial actions can be taken early.”

He noted that the Ministry of Education had issued a circular to the state last month that it would be compulsory for all government primary schools to use English to teach Mathematics and Science for Primary 1 pupils.

“The cost of getting ready to implement this Dual Language Programme (DLP) in 2019 is RM11 million, which is entirely borne by the state government.

“A larger allocation will be needed to run the programme starting 2020.

“We hope that the Ministry of Education will provide sufficient allocation for the implementation of this programme in 2021 and thereafter,” he said.

Manyin described the DLP as a major challenge to his ministry, but one which must not fail as the future of Sarawakian children is at stake.

“Failure will mean that our children will be doomed to be in the doldrums of scientific advancement. Thus I hope all Sarawakians, especially members from both sides of this august House, will provide solid support for this major initiative for the sake of our children’s future,” he said.