Sunday, September 20

‘Sarawak first’ rural transformation initiatives to be intensified, says Masing


Masing showing his winding up speech at the DUN today.

KUCHING: A total of 216 out of 311 Rural Transformation Initiatives (RTI) projects have been completed as of September this year, Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing told the august House today.

The completed projects comprised of 44 rural dilapidated schools, 30 rural dilapidated clinics, three rural road projects, 95 flood mitigation projects and 44 rural water supply projects, said the Infrastructure and Ports Development Minister.

Masing noted that the RTI projects were one of the state’s “intervention initiatives” aimed at expediting the implementation of development projects in all rural areas.

“Hence, the RTI cabinet committee will intensify its efforts to continuously identify and propose new Rakyat-centric (people-centric) rural intervention projects which are not covered under any state or federal funding.

“RTI projects are over and above the 11th Malaysia Plan allocation, and in the spirit of ‘Sarawak First’, we will continue this initiative as a gap-filler to make a difference in the livelihood of our rural communities,” Masing said in his ministerial winding up.

He also updated the august House on the 97 people-centric projects under ‘Projek Rakyat’  undertaken by his ministry and the Public Works Department.

“Eight projects have been completed, while 52 projects are under construction. Nine projects are currently at tender stage and 28 projects are at the design stage.

“The 97 projects comprised of 57 road projects worth about RM2.6 billion, 17 bridges worth about RM2.2 billion, 21 buildings worth about RM336 million and two airports worth about RM301 million,” Masing said.

He stressed that his ministry and the Public Works Department would be on the ground to “closely monitor” Projek Rakyat and to resolve issues hindering its implementation.