Sunday, September 25

Four research plots to study Musang King durians


SARIKEI: The state Agriculture Department has set up four research plots this year to assist local farmers in planting Musang King durian species on a commercial scale.

Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, in replying to a question posed by Sarikei MP Andrew Wong Ling Biu in parliament recently, said the research plots were located at Semongok Research Centre (Kuching), Kebuloh Research Station (Miri), Layar Integrated Agriculture Station (Betong), and Sungai Sebiew Agriculture Training Centre (Bintulu).

Andrew Wong Ling Biu

The purpose of the research plots are for monitoring and observing the growth of Musang King durians and to collect relevant data on the crop for growing process in the state, Salahuddin said.

On whether Musang King durian is compatible with Sarawak’s soil and climate, Salahuddin said the state Agriculture Department was currently conducting a study on the progress of the durian species on the mainly loamy soil in the state, Wong added.

“A mix of loam, clay and sandy soil has been proven to be very suitable for Musang King durians. Being porous, it prevents water clog which expose durian to the risk of contracting root or stem diseases,” Wong quoted Salahuddin’s answer to his question.