Saturday, September 19

18 S’wak PKR branch leaders want Baru to quit as state chief, says Selangau branch chairman


Joshua Jabeng

KUCHING: A PKR grassroots leader has claimed that 18 out of 31 of the party’s branch leaders in Sarawak have pledged to remove Baru Bian as state chief.

Selangau branch chairman Joshua Jabeng said this in a press statement today, claiming that there are other branch leaders who have expressed support for them after Baru and a group of state PKR leaders announced that the state convention this weekend was cancelled.

“Miri PKR State level Convention is on and there is no need for YB Baru Bian to block and embarrass the President (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) who will be coming to meet the people,” he said.

“Baru needs to understand that the majority of the Ketua cabangs (branch chairmen), 18 out of 31 of the State PKR leadership council needs a leader who can lead and dedicate more time to engage with all branch  leaders especially with PRN12 (12th state election) just around the corner.”

Baru should be relieved to have one less burden in order to focus on his responsibilities as Works Minister instead, said Joshua.

“We ask for our people to understand and be patient. Change is never easy nor pleasant but when it’s for the greater good we must accept change,” he said.

Baru, who is also Ba’kelalan assemblyman and Selangau MP, is set to hold a press conference in Putrajaya tomorrow on the convention.

Last Friday, the Sarawak PKR leadership council (MPN) led by Baru called off the upcoming state convention in Miri in protest of the move to stop the party’s deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali from officiating at the Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) National Convention, the party’s Youth congress.

In a joint statement, the state MPN said they were dismayed and disturbed that Azmin’s invitation to officiate at the youth convention was rescinded by the AMK National wing leader and all the AMK state chiefs unilaterally.

“MPN Sarawak calls on Keadilan’s top leadership to avert a party crisis immediately. Until and unless it is resolved satisfactorily and democratic principles are restored and honoured within the party, the Keadilan Sarawak Convention slated for the 23rd of November in Miri, Sarawak is cancelled,” said the statement.