Sunday, September 20

‘Agroparks part of govt’s agriculture modernisation plan’


KUCHING: The government’s plan to develop and improve modern agriculture in the state includes the setting-up of agroparks, Urban Development and Resources Assistant Minister Datu Len Talif Salleh said.

“We have two (agroparks) actually, one is across Sarikei which is in Parit Bugis. The other one is across Bintangor at Sungai Sian. That is what we have in the plan for development to improve modern agriculture,” he told a press conference here yesterday.

He explained that the agroparks will include collection centres where an anchor company will purchase the fruits, pack and then export them overseas.

“We try to reorganise the whole industry so that we can do the collection from the production (areas). Even from smallholders.”

On pineapple production, Len Talif said it is now happening in Tanjung Manis, in addition to Sarikei which is already well-known for its pineapples.

The government intends to expand production of pineapples in the near future, he added.

He also explained that the current ‘in’ thing is honey melons in fertigation.

“The idea is to introduce to the local population that it (honey melons in fertigation) can be done without using big land,” he said.