Thursday, June 4

Co-curriculum excellence centre proposed for Bintulu


Fred (left) presenting an award to one of the excellent teachers.

BINTULU: A co-curriculum excellence centre has been proposed to be set up in Bintulu to facilitate co-curriculum activities among schools in the division.

Bintulu District Education (PPD) officer Fred Entau, who disclosed this, said Bintulu has been known for its capability in producing world class athletes in various sports disciplines.

“Our strategy for next year is to create the co-curriculum excellence centre. We propose that our teachers in Sebauh, Tatau, Bintulu and Belaga use it if it is given approval.

“We are only planning and it for the authorities to decide, but my planning is towards that direction,” he said during the PPD Bintulu Humanitarian Development Management Unit Excellence Award ceremony yesterday.

Fred believes that the centre would enable them to implement all activities and programmes aimed at producing more quality students and athletes. For the record, he said the overall co-curriculum performance in Bintulu this year was slightly better than the previous year, with a total of 1,680 participations in various major events.

This, he added, was demonstrated by the participation and excellent achievement of Bintulu athletes in various competitions at the district, state, national and even international levels.

“We already have the quality, now we need to maintain our spirit,” he said, adding that with the setting up of this centre, more development programmes could be implemented holistically.

Fred also attributed the excellent performances of Bintulu students in athletics to the strong support and contribution from teachers.

“Our teachers have identified the potential students who can be polished to be good athletes,” he said.

He described all these excellent achievements as a factor that made Bintulu a power-house in co-curriculum in the state and national levels.

“In realising this, we faced financial constraints as we had been allocated with limited budget.

“Our focus is not doing business but we are more towards producing high quality human capital and that needs more budget,” said Fred.

Among the other constraints they faced, he added, was lack of sports facilities in schools.

Despite the limitations, he said they had managed to identify and produce quality athletes for Sarawak, which made Bintulu so special.

Present were Sebauh PPD officer Tero Bayel, Press Metal Sdn Bhd Communications and Public Relations manager Nina Meling, State Education Department (Students Talent Development Sector, Student Affairs) assistant director Shanty Pero and PPD Bintulu head of Humanitarian Development Management Unit, Puyang Ngau Wan.