Flash floods hit several areas in Miri (Video)


MIRI: Continuous heavy rain since 8pm on Sunday had led to several flood prone areas in the city to be hit by flash floods.

Among the affected areas were Miri fire station (Bomba Miri), Kampung Lusut, Kampung Lambir and residential areas in Jalan Daro and Jalan Durin in Taman Tunku.

Miri Fire and Rescue station chief Law Poh Kiong in a statement today, confirmed that Miri station was hit flash flood due to the heavy rain.

“Bomba Miri was also hit with flash flood last night. Other areas affected were Kampung Lambir and Kampung Lusut,” he said.

Residents in Jalan Daro and Jalan Durin here stayed awake until the rain stop at around 11.30pm.

One of the residents, Debbie, 27 when contacted, said she was anxious whenever it rained heavily as her housing area would definitely be flash flood.

“I had to remove my cars to higher ground in fear that the water level would increase.

“Last year, we had the worst flash flood where many of our belongings such as furniture and car were damaged due to the flash flood,” she said.

She, however, was relieved that the rain did not last until morning, otherwise it would destroy her furniture again.

Many roads were also flooded last night, such as Jalan Sibu in Taman Tunku, Airport road and a few roads in Lutong.