Thursday, August 13

UPMKB to help make Sarawak major food exporter


A TPU expert briefs the students during their visit to the Orchid Pavilion at [email protected]

BINTULU: Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Campus (UPMKB) has been playing a significant role in the transformation of the agriculture sector in Sarawak.

Prof Bujang Kim Huat


According to campus director Prof Bujang Kim Huat, various initiatives have been and will be implemented towards modernising the agricultural landscape of the state.

In this respect, he says UPMKB is committed to assisting the Sarawak government achieve its goal of becoming the key net exporter of food products.

As such, he cites ‘[email protected]’ as one of the latest initiatives introduced by UPMKB to promote agriculture to the younger generation.

The [email protected] was officially launched on Sunday, in conjunction with the campus’ ‘Taman Pertanian Universiti (TPU) Open Day’.

“This is another UPMKB initiative, meant to encourage the communities to appreciate and also explore the agriculture sector, as well as the science, technology and the life aspects behind it, in a more scientific, but attractive and friendly manner,” he said.

Bujang said visitors would be able to explore ‘the agricultural world’ and gain knowledge from the agriculture experts at [email protected]

“The [email protected] is also a part of a medium to showcase the TPU at UPMKB to the visitors and the local communities,” he added.

According to him, there are 11 components in the park that have been developed based on the learning experiences related to agriculture.

These components are the Orchid Pavilion, Botanical Garden, Deer Park, Chicken Village, Dairy Cattle, Goat Rearing Unit, Bali Cattle, Fish Hatching Complex, Horticulture Unit, Fertigation System and Mushroom Farming Unit.

The [email protected] is open to everyone from all walks of life – from pre-schoolers up to the senior citizens.

“The experience and learning will be presented directly by the TPU experts during the tour; thus, everyone should grab this opportunity to know more about UPMKB and explore the opportunities,” said Bujang.