Wednesday, August 5

Urban to rural migration at 19.5 pct last year — Rina


KUALA LUMPUR: The migration rate of the urban population to the rural areas last year was 19.5 per cent and 4.8 per cent for rural to urban areas, said Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun.

She said according to the report on the 2018 migration released by the Department of Statistics, among the factors contributing to the migration were family, career and environment.

“Among the strategies and programmes implemented by the ministry to address rural-urban migration is to equip the rural areas with good roads, electricity and internet access.

“For implementation of economic programmes, there are the Village Economic Development Integrated Project (PROSPEK), income enhancement, skills and career training, product marketing, as well as entrepreneurship programmes and business financing facilities,” she said during the oral question-and answer-session in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

She said this in response to a question from Noor Amin Ahmad (PH-Kangar) who wanted to know measures taken by the ministry to address the issue of rural to urban migration.

In another development, Rina said her ministry was intensifying promotion of the Desamall @ KPLB programme, aimed at helping rural entrepreneurs to market their products through e-commerce platforms.

“Through this platform, marketing of rural entrepreneurs’ products is not only limited to the domestic market but it is also accessible to overseas customers.

“In support of Desamall @ KPLB, the ministry is working with several government agencies to improve access and Internet infrastructure in the rural areas,” she added.

The ministry, she said, was also looking into new programmes to be implemented under the 12th Malaysia Plan to increase the income of the rural community. — Bernama