Wednesday, July 15

Audit to be carried out to ensure all auxiliary police posts filled


KUCHING: The Federal Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department (JPJKK) will be conducting a recruitment audit on all agencies and corporate organisations that have been issued licence to establish an auxiliary police force.

JPJKK director Dato Sri Rosli Ab Rahman said this is to ensure all vacancies in the country’s 256 auxiliary police units are filled.

He disclosed that to date, only 29,793 of the 61,264 positions in auxiliary police forces in the country have been filled, meaning 31,471 positions are still available.

“In view of the present situation, JPJKK will conduct a nationwide recruitment audit on all agencies to make sure that the strengths of the auxiliary police are in line with their employment requirements.

“Necessary action will be taken against any agency that fails to fulfil the requirement to fill all the vacancies as stated in their licence.

“From the audit report, we will review and re-evaluate the legitimacy of their licence to establish their auxiliary police force in their organisations,” he said at the closing of the Malaysia Auxiliary Police Association’s (Mapa) annual convention, here yesterday.

Rosli lamented that there were agencies that made no effort to recruit after being granted the licence to set up an auxiliary police unit, with two or three agencies even having zero personnel.

He cautioned that JPJKK would soon get in touch with these agencies and will revoke their auxiliary police licence if they fail to provide an explanation.

“For those who have not fully filled up the vacancies, the department will investigate the reason why.

“We can excuse them if they have a good reason for not fulfilling the requirement as stipulated in the licence. I understand that there are certain organisations that could not fill up all the vacancies for auxiliary police because of financial constraint and so on,” he said.