Wednesday, July 15

19 Malaysia border posts yet to be built


Zamrose (centre), flanked by Md Din (left) and Mohd Isa atthe press conference.

KUCHING: The Eastern Field Command is still waiting for the remaining 19 Malaysia border posts to materialise to supplement the current 12 border posts along the Malaysia-Indonesia border.

Its commander Lt-Gen Datuk Wira Zamrose Mohd Zain said there are 11 border posts along the Malaysia-Indonesia border at the moment, and the Imbangan Ladang Dafa border post in Biawak, Lundu will be officially opened in 2020.

“We have requested for 20 additional border posts but only one (in Biawak) has so far materialised.

“The remaining 19 are still in process, and awaiting federal approval for funding,” Zamrose told a press conference after hosting a lunch for the media at Wisma Perwira Sri Kenyalang in Muara Tuang Camp near here, yesterday.

Earlier in the day, several media practitioners had a field day at the camp’s shooting range, courtesy of the Eastern Field Command.

Still on the border posts, he said: “We try to match what Indonesia has (border posts). If we can’t have more, at least match what Indonesia has.

“The Sarawak-Kalimantan border is very long. In those areas without border posts, we will use UAV drones to monitor them (areas).”

On the Indonesian capital impending move to South Kalimantan, Zamrose said they viewed the development positively.

“There will always be safety issues for sure but we are confidents our borders are all under controlled. We just have to be more alert.

“We also hope to increase our bilateral relations with Indonesia. Instead of once a year, maybe we should do four meetings a year so that whatever problems we have or Indonesia has, could be discussed more regularly,” he said.

On preparations for the rainy season in Sarawak, he said all army personnel were ready to assist during floods or evacuation of flood victims.

First Infantry Division commander Major General Datuk Md Din Abu, and Third Infantry Brigade commander Brigadier General Mohd Isa Jaafar were among those present at the event.