Thursday, April 9

MP suggests making Kuching Christmas Parade tourist attraction


Dr Kelvin Yii

KUCHING: The annual Kuching Christmas Parade should be considered as one of the tourism attractions for Sarawak as it showcases the uniqueness of this state.

In stating this, Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii believes that this kind of event should be promoted to the rest of the country, especially to Peninsular Malaysia, as well as to the world because it represents something that is very unique and can only be found in Sarawak.

“Last year when I hosted friends from the peninsula coming to visit me (in Sarawak), I brought them to the Kuching Christmas Parade. They were very amazed to see the religious tolerance in Sarawak.

“I believe this kind of event should be promoted, not just to our Peninsular Malaysians, but to all around the world to see how we, regardless of race and backgrounds, can come together and celebrate our different celebrations together.

“This is something uniquely and beautifully Sarawak,” he told reporters when met at Jubilee Grounds here on Saturday evening, prior to the start of Kuching Christmas Parade 2019.

Contingents representing 15 churches from all across Kuching took part.

The churches are the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Methodist Church SCAC, Methodist Church SIAC, Borneo Evangelical Mission Church, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, The Salvation Army, Sarawak Baptist Church, Sarawak Blessed Church, Grace Sentral Church AOG, Sarawak Grace Assembly Church Kuching, Hope Church Kuching, Good News Fellowship, City Harvest Church, Latter Rain Church Kuching, and Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

The parade first proceeded from the Jubilee Grounds – passing Jalan Padungan, Jalan Tun Abdul Rahim (along Kuching Waterfront), Lebuh Temple (Harbour View Hotel), Lebuh Wayang (Medan Pelita/Star Cineplex), Jalan Tabuan (the former Ting & Ting Supermarket/Borneo Hotel), and Jalan Ban Hock (Grand Continental Hotel/MBKS flats) – before ending at the starting point.

The total distance covered by the parade was 4km.

Apart from the celebration, unity and religious tolerance shown during the parade, Dr Yii also pointed out that the parade showcased unique creativity and artistic talents of the various participating contingents – from the props and the costumes that they wore, down to the decorations that adorned the floats.

“Because we believe that creativity is given by God to each and every one of us. So each church, young and old, is expressing all kinds of creativity and diversity through their crafts, arts and costumes, and this is something we want to celebrate and promote in Kuching and Sarawak,” he said.

Dr Yii took the opportunity to convey his Christmas greetings to fellow Sarawakians.

“I would like to wish all my fellow Sarawakians a very Merry Christmas and a blessed Christmas to you all.

“May this season be a season of giving and filled with love, that we can spend time with our families, as well as with the people surrounding us.

“May the New Year 2020 bring great blessings, bring honour to our families and yourselves, and let us come together to build our state and nation together,” he said.