Saturday, August 20

497 food packs sent to flood victims in Beluru district


Agencies distribute food packs to the flood victims in one of the longhouses in Beluru.

KUCHING: A total of 497 food packs were sent to flood victims in Beluru district in Marudi yesterday evening.

The State Disaster Management Committee said as of yesterday evening, Miri Welfare Office was still sending rations to Beluru district in collaboration with other agencies.

Apart from the Miri Welfare Office, the agencies involved are Civil Defence Force, Fire and Rescue Services Department and Beluru District Office.

The flood affected areas in Beluru district are Rh Abok, Kpg Mulong in  Ulu Teru (44 people); Rh Takang, Kpg Empelam, Ulu Teru (25 people); Klinik Ulu Teru (6 people); Rh Mathew Sigat, Lubok Kelambu, Ulu Teru (63 people); and Rh Dullah, Kpg Matek, Ulu Teru (29 people).

The rations were also distributed to Rh Henry Gomes, Kpg Mission, Ulu Teru (148 people); Rh Kalong, Kpg Tanjung Rian, Ulu Teru (110 people); SK Pengarah Enteri (7 people); and Rh Engkang Sirai, Ulu Teru (68 people).