Heavy rain inundates 59 areas in Miri Division


Civil Defence Force personnel and volunteers load packs of food supplies into lorries for distribution to flood victims in Marudi.

MIRI: The flood situation in Long Bemang in the Apoh region of Baram worsened yesterday after the water level rose following heavy rain in the upper parts of the area.

An overflowing Baram river triggered flooding in Marudi town.

State Disaster Management Committee secretariat head Ismail Mahedin in a statement at 4pm said 59 areas in Miri Division had been inundated.

“In Telang Usan constituency, a total of six areas including five schools have been flooded, while in Marudi there were 37 areas including its town. As for Beluru district, a total of 16 longhouses were inundated,” he said.

Ismail said the river in Long Bemang overflowed following heavy rain in the upper area, causing the water level to rise thus triggering the flood.

Long Bemang, situated in a low-lying area, is a flood-prone longhouse.

Ismail said the five Telang Usan schools affected by the flood were SK Ubong Imang, SK Long Bemang Apoh Tutoh, SK Morek, SMK Long Lama and SK Long Sepiling.

As for Marudi constituency, he said the water level at all 37 areas including longhouses and schools remained the same as of 4pm.

Among the affected longhouses were Rumah Gerinang Kam Logan Tasong, Kampung Narum Marudi, Long Maro Tinjar, Rumah Vincent Kui Tanjong Upar, Rumah Mugang Tanjong Upar, Kampung Seberang Marudi, Long Panai, Kampung Benawa, Kampung Kuala Tutoh, Kampung Dagang Marudi, Kampung Cina Marudi, Kumpang Padang Kerbau Marudi and Marudi town.

In Beluru district, the 16 areas flooded include 11 longhouses, four primary schools and one health clinic in Ulu Teru.

“According to a report from Marudi District Office, the water level in other areas showed no change while the level in some areas has receded.

“The Welfare Department in Miri has sent a total of 843 packs of food supplies to Kuala Kuala Tutoh, SK Kuala Tutoh, Lubok Nibong Pasar Lama, Rumah Asong Linei, Rumah Lajang Linei, Rumah Anthony Linei, Rumah Sumping Linei, Rumah Rok Linei, Long Patan, Long Pahlo, Long Ukok, Rumah Malor Sator, Logan Tassan, Stapang A, Stapang B, Stapang C, Stapang D dan Stapang E,” Ismail said.