No sudden rise in flood water levels in Miri division


Kapitan Chua Sing Yong of Marudi putting up a sign to prevent motorists from passing his shop.

MIRI: The flood situation in this division, as of yesterday evening, has improved with flood water levels in most of the flood affected areas remaining the same with no signs of sudden increase.

Miri Division Disaster Management Committee Secretariat reported that some longhouses in Beluru district saw increase in flood water levels but water in most areas remained at the same level, thanks to the sunny weather in these areas.

Baram Education Office also informed that water level in most school areas affected by floods remained the same.

All five schools are not open due to year-end holidays.

Miri Welfare Department (JKM) in a joint effort with other agencies yesterday distributed a total of 127 food packs to several areas in Beluru district such as Rh Joseph Long Ajoi, Rh Kompeni Tanjong Mawang, Rh Mathew Tiri Sg Mangka Seruas, Rh Adop Ajeng, Rh Saba Sg Selepin Atas and Rh Magdaline Lubok Mulong.

As of yesterday, a total of 212 food packs had been distributed by JKM Miri in Beluru district.

Team Kevlar from Marudi Fire and Rescue (Bomba) station comprising four personnel led by senior fire officer II Jamal Mohd Yussof was assisted by several other agencies including the Miri Welfare Office, Civil Defence Force, Beluru District Office and the police to send the food rations to flood affected areas.

The operation started around 9.40am from Lapok where a total of 75 packs were distributed to Rh Labang Nanga Seridan, which was received by Tuai Rumah Labang Jamu on behalf of the flood victims.

The second trip to Long Sepiling commenced at 11.20am, where 52 food packs were handed over to the longhouse representatives Seman Anyi and Ding Ajang representing 52 flood victims at the longhouse.

Jamal (second left) presents food packs to a representative of the flood victims.

The flood situation at both areas was reported to be under control as of 3pm.

Marudi District Office reported that water levels in most flood affected areas were still holding, although some areas near schools saw an increase.

A survey at the Marudi Market around 8.30am yesterday found that the water level had risen higher than the previous evening.

However, the situation was still under control and no evacuation had been carried out as of yesterday evening.

The rising water level has affected the income of the people especially drivers of small vehicles who were unable to reach Miri city to go to work.

The construction of Baram river bank, Marudi Square and Marudi Bridge has also been temporarily halted due to the floods, according to Major (PA) Ismail Mahedin from the State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat.

However, a survey conducted by Marudi Bomba station found that water levels in Marudi had started to subside.

It is learnt that Marudi District Office operations room has received some 50 official reports on villages and longhouses being hit by floods since yesterday.

Following this, food packs had been distributed to several longhouses including Logan Entasan, Sg Stapang B, Sg Belasoi and Rh Jugah in Mulu constituency by the Welfare Department yesterday.

Although several lanes have been hit by floods, shops in Marudi remained open as the water had not overflowed the five-foot way which was still passable by pedestrians.

As for Subis district, flood affected areas include Rh Mokeng Gudang Tengah Sibuti, Rh Lani Sg Mamut Sibuti, Kpg Lubuk Buinih Bekenu, Rh Edward Ekau Sibuti, Kampung Bulau Bekenu, Kampung Sinop, Rh Philip Anak Langi and Kampung Rambai Bekenu.

Bekenu District Office reported two schools affected by floods – SK Kampung Bulau and SK Sungai Bakas.

As for Telang Usan district, water levels in all flood-affected areas were unchanged.

Marudi Bomba led by its chief Maureen Sim (left) survey around the flood affected Kampung Narum in Marudi yesterday.