Thursday, December 8

Quick-thinking teenager helps save longhouse from being razed by fire


Alexsidi saves his longhouse from being razed by fire.

KANOWIT: Quick-thinking 13-year-old Alexsidi Wilfred helped saved his 13-door longhouse from being razed by fire on Sunday.

Kanowit Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) chief Arrahman Chik said the incident happened at Rumah Andreas in Nanga Lipus, here, at 6.23pm.

He said that fire was believed to have started from one of the kitchens in the longhouse.

“The teenager quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and manage to douse it before it spread to other part of the longhouse, ” he said.

Arrahman said they received a distress call at about 6.23pm and 11 firemen were rushed to the scene.

“When we arrived, we found that Alexsidi had successfully extinguished the fire,” he added.

No casualties were reported during the incident.

Bomba is investigating the cause of fire.