Tuesday, October 19

Temporary evacuation centre in Marudi closes as floods recede


Bomba personnel deemed that houses were now safe for evacuees to return to after the floodwaters receded.

MIRI: The temporary evacuation centre (PPS) at Marudi Civic Centre was officially closed at 12 noon today.

The matter was confirmed by Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat Ismail Mahedin in a press statement today.

He said all the victims (nine people from two families) who were placed at the PPS had returned home safely.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) personnel and two of the family’s representatives had earlier visited the area, noting that the flood had subsided and that it was safe to return to their respective homes.

Evacuation procedures were undertaken after the Baram river started to swell early this month due to heavy rainfall.

Several areas throughout Marudi were inundated in the past week, forcing many families to evacuate to higher ground and to flood relief centres.