Thrusting Sibu into world medical map


UCTS kidney dialysis filter manufacturing plant, the first one in SEA

Khairuddin (fifth left) and Ling (fourth right) exchanging documents after the MoU signing ceremony. Also seen are Wong (centre) and others.

SIBU: A kidney dialysis filter manufacturing plant costing around RM400 million will be set up soon at UCTS Science and Technology Park here.

When making the announcement, the founder and CEO of DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd, Dr Ling Sien Ngan, said this was made possible when UCTS contributed the land for the purpose and became partner of the manufacturing plant.

“In the whole of Asia, the only two countries doing it are Japan and China and now it is coming to the third one in the whole of Asia which is here in Sibu, Malaysia. With this, UCTS students can come and learn how the automation works in terms of engineering at our kidney dialysis filter manufacturing plant and other industries can also use our facilities.

“We should be able to start the project the soonest after today’s MoU agreement has been signed. So the moment we sourced the investment funding from overseas, straight away we can put the order for the machines in the building. It takes a minimum of one year to complete the project,” he told reporters after the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between UCTS and DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd at UCTS yesterday.

DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd was represented by Dr Ling while UCTS was represented by its vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab. Hamid.

The MoU signing ceremony was witnessed by UCTS Board of Directors chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

Dr Ling said the kidney dialysis filter is used to clean the blood in kidney failure patients.

“This filter is disposable single use. Thus, it is extensively used not only in Malaysia but globally for kidney failure patients,” he added.

“It is a very niche industry because very few countries are able to produce it. That is why, it is not impossible for Sibu to shine like Penang as the hub of medical industry as our company has all the technology required for the purpose of commercial production,” he pointed out.

Dr Ling said their product quality is definitely very high with low rejection rate and they are looking at the global market.

“At the same time, it will also be able to provide the local community with employment besides building a reputation for Sibu globally,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wong in his speech expressed his appreciation to Dr Ling for his initiative in bringing this very high level project to Sibu.

“I think it is a project that is not found in this part of the world. He could have set up this all important manufacturing plant elsewhere in Malaysia. In fact he was invited to set up elsewhere but because of his love of his hometown (Sibu), he wants to do it here.

“Thus, today is indeed a historic moment for all of us to witness the MoU signing ceremony between UCTS and DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd. I must say that in recent years under the capable leadership of our vice-chancellor of UCTS Professor Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab. Hamid and his team, UCTS has made great strides into international linkages,” he added.

Wong said UCTS has established linkages with universities in England, Australia, New Zealand and China.

“We at UCTS want to be a pioneer in the field of medical and pharmaceutical usage as well as academic research. UCTS has linkages with very well-known universities globally and our facilities here are number one and we look forward to making greater advancement for UCTS in the future.

“With this manufacturing plant project being part of UCTS venture into the scientific world I believe it will elevate UCTS into a higher level,” he elaborated.

Among those present were the director and general manager of DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd, Ling Sieng Poh; DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd consultant Kapitan Wong Yuk Ching; director and deputy general manager of DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd, Ling Sien Chai; the QC & production supervisor of DDL Medical Technology Sdn Bhd, Andrew Wong Neng Kang; and deputy vice-chancellor (Academic) of UCTS, Assoc Prof Dr Azlan Ali.