Saturday, February 29

Tips on finding the right tech job for you


AS the year comes to an end, some of you may have made up your mind in terms of furthering your studies while others are probably still deciding which courses to take.

If you’re taking up studies in pursuit of a tech career, you’re in luck, because more and more tertiary institutions are offering such courses to prepare future graduates for the digital economy.

With technology transforming most industries, the demand for highly skilled tech talents, who are capable of adapting to changes in the workplace, has been greater than ever before, even in Sarawak.

However, it may be important for you to choose a specific path, for careers in technology are diverse, and they require more than having the basics in programming and logical thinking.

Here are three things you should think about as you start to pick out the right tech job for you:


Find your discipline(s)

To start off, discover the wide variety of tech disciplines that are in existence; some of which have been discussed in this column before, such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

You can research them online through articles, videos, and job listings — on roles and functions, real-world examples, employment outlook — to better understand and eventually narrow down your options.

It’s also worth noting that in finding your tech career of choice, you can choose more than one discipline and learn more tech skills and specialisations after your studies, for employers tend to prefer talents who are multi-skilled.


Understand industry needs

Sometimes, what is supposedly a very sought-after tech career, discipline, or skill as reported by the press may in fact differ from the actual industry needs.

Therefore, one of the best ways to determine what’s on trend and what’s truly needed for your tech career is to browse job descriptions for various positions in your area or region, as they usually include specific tech-related requirements for the job.

Another way is to speak to tech professionals in disciplines of your interest through job forums and tech-related events, which also gives you the opportunity to establish your own network.


Know your capabilities

In addition to roles, functions, and skills, some tech career articles and videos provide a list of attributes needed for tech jobs, and that can help you decide a tech career that fits you.

For example, if you like design, are detail-oriented, and are fascinated by the inner workings of mobile devices, you can consider a career in mobile development.

If you still can’t commit to any tech discipline, try attending some free short courses or workshops or even take up some tech-related projects to gauge both your technical and soft skills.


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