Wednesday, December 8

Jaziri welcomes PKR S’wak’s willingness to consider accommodating Bersatu in coming state polls


Jaziri Alkaf Abdillah Suffian

KUCHING: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Sarawak Chief Jaziri Alkaf Abdillah Suffian welcomes Parti Keadilan Sarawak (PKR) Sarawak’s willingness to consider accommodating Bersatu in the coming Sarawak state election due in 2021.

However, Jaziri said, all Pakatan Harapan (PH) component parties in Sarawak should sit down together and discuss first to ensure PH as a whole can deliver in the state election.

“I am deeply appreciative to (PKR Sarawak chairman) Baru Bian for trusting Bersatu Sarawak, and for his willingness to consider and accommodate us in terms of seats for the coming state election.

“But we hope that all PH components in Sarawak consisting of Bersatu, PKR, Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Amanah can sit down together and reach a unanimous decision first on allocation of seats for the coming state election,” he said in a statement today.

Yesterday, Baru told reporters that PKR Sarawak was willing to consider giving way to Bersatu if the latter needs seats to contest in the state election.

The Works Minister said, however, so far Bersatu had not indicated any intention to contest in seats under PKR in the state.

Nonetheless, he said the state party leadership would look at the possibility of any request from Bersatu.

“Bersatu at the moment, as far as we are concerned, there is no strong indication on certain areas that they insist on (contesting in).

“But as I’ve said earlier on, we will look at any possibilities (to accomodate) requests from them. You all know they just came in, I think we will also consider (their requests),” Baru said.

He said PH coalition members would prioritise to have candidates that are winnable.

“That is to be the principle we should go by. That not only applies to Bersatu but also for all the (PH) coalition and for us in PKR.

“That is the basis for us when selecting our candidates,” said Baru.

Jaziri agreed with what Baru said that only winnable candidates deserve to be nominated as candidates, and therefore urged PH Sarawak to resolve whatever issues they have locally first.

This is so that they could work together more closely for the state election later, and not repeat the mistakes made by the coalition in the past by-elections in Tanjung Piai (parliamentary seat) and Semenyih (state seat) this year, he said.

“For this coming state election, it is better for the PH coalition members in Sarawak to get together and discuss, find a common interest between the federal and state government, and coordinate all the main issues in Sarawak.

“This understanding is important so that we would be able to progressively and effectively resolve all issues and development in the state,” he said.