Tuesday, October 19

RTPs improve road access for Kakus longhouses


SIBU: Three Rural Transformation Projects (RTP) costing about RM356,000 have been completed to provide better road accessibility to residents of three longhouses in Kakus state constituency.

Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs and Kakus assemblyman Datuk John Sikie Tayai’s representative councillor Nelson Chuat Glong witnessed the handing over of project sites by the respective contractors to the longhouse chiefs on Monday.

A representative from the contractor hands over the project to Tuai Rumah Albert Mujah (second left). From left are Jasmeer and Nelson.

The projects included the upgrading of a 101-metre cement road at Rumah Albert Mujah, Bukit Dinding, Jalan Selangau/Mukah, costing about RM105,000.

For Rumah Nyalu Francis, Bukit Dinding, Jalan Selangau/Mukah, the upgrading of the 206-metre cement access road leading to the longhouse cost about RM180,000.

The final RTP involved the upgrading of the 107-metre Jalan Rumah Jabat Naga, Bergeri in Jalan Selangau/Mukah, which was completed at a cost of about RM71,000.

Dalat Mukah District Council (MDDM) was the implementing agency for all the three completed projects.

Among those present during the handing over were MDDM engineer Jasmeer Zaisufir Sufian, assistant engineer Safina Mustapa, and Mukah District Office representative Nur Hidayah Kassim.