Tuesday, October 19

36,341 children registered for Primary 1 in govt schools throughout S’wak


A pupil in a school in Muara Tuang near Kuching is being persuaded by his mother to attend class. — Photo by Rusnan Mustafa

KUCHING: Some 36,341 children have registered for Primary 1 in government schools throughout Sarawak today, said state education director Dr Azhar Ahmad.

He said that they were part of the total 238,183 pupils registered in 1,265 primary schools this year.

“For year 2020, there are 16 additional pre-school classes making it a total of 1,521 classes at 1,122 education institutions,” said Azhar in a statement issued today.

“These pre-school classes are at national schools (1,308) including four in longhouses, 183 at national- type schools (SJK), two at government secondary schools (SMK), four at Teacher’s Training Institute, seven at Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan (SABK) and four at special needs government primary schools.”

There are 1,458 schools in operation in Sarawak, 1,265 primary schools and 193 secondary schools, he said.

At the same time, Azhar said 22,959 pupils were approved to start pre-school education, not including late registration.

For secondary school, 185,779 students will continue to secondary schools for transition class to Form 6, including 39,993 Form 6 students, at 193 secondary schools throughout Sarawak.

Meanwhile, as the state is facing monsoon season, the district education offices and schools are reminded to take precautions and follow instructions stated in the circular regarding the current monsoon season.

This is following reports on the ground that some schools are affected by floods due to increase rainfall.

Aside from that, District Education Office and School are urged to take appropriate action to implement readiness when facing natural disaster as stated in a circular.