Friday, October 7

UMS club refuses to vacate room


A memo, said to be from UMS Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, instructs Karma to vacate their operations room immediately.

KOTA KINABALU: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Literary Club (Karma) yesterday initiated an online petition for solidarity, fighting for their right to express.

A statement was posted in the club’s Facebook page yesterday, claiming that UMS Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage has issued a memo to instruct the club to vacate their operations room immediately.

“Karma is one of the most active clubs in UMS in many community and student development activities. There is no concrete excuse to confiscate our operations room.

“The university is for the students, and as students we have the right to express. Their action of asking us to vacate the room without discussing with us shows that they are not respecting our rights,” it said.

The students were told that the main reason is to turn the room into a tutorial room, but still, issuing memo without proper discussion is not the best solution. Hence, they demand explanation from the faculty.

“We have already met the vice chancellor of students affairs to explain our demands, and we are not going to move from the operations room.

“We urge mahasiswa all over Malaysia to sign our online petition to show your solidarity,” according to the statement.

UMS is expected to issue a statement regarding this issue today.