Wednesday, September 23

Several low lying areas in Sebuyau inundated by flash floods


Flash floods have inundated the road leading to Kampung Bulan, Sebuyau.

KUCHING: Continuous downpour since early this morning have caused a six low lying areas in Sebuyau to be inundated by flash floods as of 2pm today.

The Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) said the villages which are affected are Kampung Sangki, Kampung Bulan, Kampung Ketimbong, Kampung Belimbing Besi, Kampung Lunying and Kampung Entangor.

As of 2pm, a family of four from Kampung Lunying have relocated to a relative’s house as the floodwaters have entered their home.

However, the water levels are slowly receding due to the improving weather conditions.

It is believed that the areas were inundated by floods due to overflowing rainwater from the nearby hills.

At each affected village, firefighters have advised villagers to relocate to higher ground if the water level continues to increase.