Saturday, February 29

National Digital Identity introduction survey to be completed by June 30


Digital ID is a unique representation of one’s identity that is used to enable individuals to access digital services online. File Photo

MIRI: A comprehensive report from a study to introduce the National Digital Identity (ID) which is expected to curb fraud and online fake news is expected to be completed by June 30th.

Senator Alan Ling said the study, which commenced on Nov 21 and was conducted by the National Digital ID research team, would take 30 weeks of survey work before being recommended for implementation in Malaysia.

“This study will identify the holistic National Digital ID framework and will propose recommendations to the government on appropriate implementation models that meet the needs of the people, businesses and the country.

“It will take into account Malaysia’s unique context including the existing MyKad and the existing private infrastructure, current factors and identifying new policies needed,” he said.

Ling, who is also Sarawak DAP secretary, spoke at the Media Appreciation Dinner hosted by DAP Miri here yesterday.

Ling added that the results of the study will be submitted to the Cabinet for further action.

“It is hoped that coordinated research and efforts among key stakeholders from all sectors, industries and the public will provide a better mechanism for the implementation of the National Digital ID in Malaysia. The technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 have led the public to move more towards digital tools.

“Digital ID is a unique representation of one’s identity that is used to enable individuals to access digital services online,” he explained.

Ling also argues that Digital ID will not replace the existing functions on MyKad or MyKid and the reason the government wants to introduce Digital ID is because 90 per cent of government services are currently available online, while e-commerce users penetration rate is 61.6 per cent.

“This is because the use of Digital IDs is voluntary, not something that is required for all Malaysians.

“However, the use of Digital IDs is expected to benefit its users as they engage in activities online specifically to improve privacy, address fraud and identity theft issues, make secure financial transactions and many other benefits,” he said.