Friday, September 18

Sabah DAP forms Kimanis division


Phoong (centre) receiving membership applications to form the DAP division in Kimanis.

KIMANIS: Sabah DAP created history when they set up a new division in the Kimanis Parliamentary (P. 176) yesterday.
The new division saw some 50 new members joining DAP as they believed the party is the right channel to help the people of Kimanis.
Minister of Youth and Sports Ginger Phoong Jin Zhe, who is also DAPSY youth chief, received the new members at a ceremony at Taman Takapan Membakut.
“The formation of a new DAP division in Kimanis is another step forward for us to achieve our realisation by helping the rakyat and in particularly our youth.
“This also shows that the people of Sabah and in Kimanis have confidence in the Sabah Warisan government,” he said yesterday.
Ginger also said the new division and its 50 members will help strengthen Sabah Warisan in the Kimanis by-election.