Friday, September 18

MKKKA to be set up to improve management of current issues


Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

PUTRAJAYA: A Security and Public Order Consultative Council (MKKKA) is in the process of being set up to improve the management of current issues related to security threats, said Minister of Home Affairs Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Speaking at a press conference after delivering his new year address during the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (KDN) new year gathering here yesterday, Muhyiddin said the

MKKKA would comprise community representatives, non-governmental organisations and top officials of KDN.

He said the MKKKA, among others, would be a platform for sharing ideas and discussing current issues on security and public order, as well as getting feedback and insights on the effectiveness of the KDN policies and programmes.

“It aims to get feedback, suggestions and views directly from the community leaders on what the KDN is doing. Suitable improvements and appropriate legislative amendments can be proposed at this council,” he said.

According to him, the membership of the MKKKA among prominent people and experts in issues related to public order had  been identified, with the council expected to begin its meeting this year.

“Anyone sitting there (MKKKA) can help the government to express dissatisfaction with the SOP (standard operating procedure) actions that we (agencies under the KDN) are using,” he said.

Recognising that security and public order were now more challenging, especially in terms of cyber security and cross-border crime, Muhyiddin said

KDN needed to keep the country safe from such threats.

Muhyiddin said the ministry also focused on effort to check and eradicate money laundering and terrorism financing through the initiative, The New Non Profit Organisation Financial Environment Management under the Registry of Societies Malaysia (JPPM).

He said the initiative was able to identify registered organisations that were abused for money laundering purposes and terrorist funding activities.

“No organisation should be used for that purpose (financing terrorism) on the welfare, education tickets or others,” he said, adding that terrorist financing was an issue facing not only Malaysia but the whole world.

According to Muhyiddin, JPPM was currently scrutinising the annual financial reports submitted by numerous organisations under the societies act, stressing that the move was not intended to disturb any organisations.

‘’It is not the government’s intention to harass or control the organisations. But if there is proof, KDN will give serious attention,’’ he said. — Bernama