Monday, March 30

Tribunal orders 2 developers to rectify defects in houses


(From left) Trabawan, Lim and Robert at the press conference after the hearing.

KUCHING: Sarawak Housing Purchaser’s Claims Tribunal here ordered two housing developers to rectify defects in the houses of two complainants.

The two cases regarding poor workmanship were brought up to the tribunal court at the Old DUN building yesterday.

In the first case, Harfiza Hipni claimed she could not move into her new house despite receiving the Occupational Permit on Oct 25, 2018 and taking possession of the house Nov 9, 2018 due to the numerous defects found in the single-storey intermediate terrace house at Bandar Baru Semariang.

The second case was a complaint by Chong Jui Chin who said his double-storey corner terrace house at Jalan Stephen Yong also had many defects.

“For the first case, Harfiza, she has been asked to submit the full list of outstanding defects of her house to us. Our officers will make an inspection after the developer has completed the repairs.”

“For Chong’s case, there is no claim for late delivery, except that the defects will be rectified by the developer within 45 days of today’s hearing,” said Tribunal president Peter Lim at a press conference held after the hearing.

The complaints include leaking roof, improper floor tiling, poor wall plastering and defective doors.

He added that if the developers fail to comply with the directives, they could be fined not more than RM5,000 or jailed not more than two years under the Section 53(1) of the Housing Development (Control and Licensing ) Ordinance 2013.

They can also be fined RM1,000 per day for late compliance.

Meanwhile, Lim disclosed that the Tribunal Court has solved 46 cases in 2019 throughout the State, with 22 awarded compensation and 24 withdrawn. Of that figure, 23 are Liquidated Ascertain Damages (LAD) cases, 14 Defect cases and nine LAD and Defect/LAD and Specification cases.

The members of the panel are Robert Elone Sireng and Trabawan Mandi.