Saturday, February 29

A cool gateaway at Kg Bobak


IF you are in Kuching and looking for a short but relaxing gateway, a place in Singai beckons.

Singai residents or visitors may be familiar with the popular Adis Buan recreational spot but not far from it is another one just as amazing – the Satow Waterfalls right in the heart of Kampung Bobak, Singai, less than an hour from Kuching city.

It’s popular not only among the locals but also tourists looking to spend some time in a natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Satow Waterfalls has at least six tiers. Some have concrete steps to pave an easy walk, especially for children, through the park to the waterfalls. Shades and barbecue pits are also provided to make the recreational area more people-friendly.

According to the locals, the waterfalls are most beautiful after a downpour as all the tiers will produce strong cascading water, creating breathtaking images of nature’s wonders.

This recreational spot is not only a place for tourists to experience nature but also for locals to have a cool dip in the pool on a hot day.

First-time visitor from the United Kingdom Craig Caulfield had an outing at the Satow Waterfalls while holidaying in Kuching during the Christmas holidays.

He thought the first tier of the waterfalls was an ideal picnic spot with a large pool just below it where one could swim freely. However, he noted the second tier was more beautiful with water rushing down the lower rocks.

Easy access to the Satow Waterfalls with a concrete walkway and a shed with barbecue pits.

“It was amazing swimming in a pool surrounded by lush greenery. This is not something you see everyday.

“I recommend this spot for a family  barbecue picnic by the waterfalls. It’s definitely a place worth checking out.”

He added that his experience was made all the more memorable by the Annular Eclipse which took place while he was barbecuing with his friends.

The phenomenon was seen over Malaysia’s skies (on Dec 26, 2019) for the first time in 21 years.

“The surroundings became dim for several minutes before the sun reappeared for a bright afternoon. It was an amazing experience for me,” he said.

Sharing views

A visitor from Denmark, Flemming Hartkopf, who spent a day at the waterfalls with his sons Alex and Jacob, shared Craig’s view.

The Dane who is married to a Sarawakian, Arvinder Kaur Khaira, was unwinding with his family at the recreational spot along with Craig and several friends.

Hartkopf and his son Alex enjoying their food at the Satow Waterfalls.

His eldest son, Alex, 23, was visiting Sarawak for the first time and Hartkopf wanted him to experience the beauty of Kuching and the tropical ambiance of Borneo.

“There are many beautiful recreational spots in Kuching, and the Satow Waterfalls is one of them. I have also been to Adis Buan and the river there is just as amazing,” he said.

Hartkopf visits Singai regularly as his wife is from Kampung Apar in the area. He finds the natural surrounding “very calming and relaxing,” making the place ideal for short getaways.

“I think the Satow Waterfalls is a great place for family outings with a natural waterfall and crystal-clear water.

“There are also concrete stairs with different plateaus, gazebos and grills for visitors to have their barbecue. I love the place. I’ve been to a few but this one is absolute five stars for me.”

He said his youngest son Jacob, 3, had a great time splashing in the pool and was looking forward to another visit.

Hartkopf having a waterfall shower.


Meanwhile, Alex, sharing his ‘wonderful experience’ at the Satow Waterfalls, said it was a lovely place to spend the day with friends and family.

“The natural surrounding is breathtaking. The Satow Waterfalls should be in the list of places to visit,” he said, adding that the tropical environment was mesmerising.

While exploring the area, he came across insects and bugs he has not seen before. He looks forward to sharing his experience with family and friends back in Denmark.

Visitors having a swim in a pool at the first-tier waterfall.