Wednesday, April 1

Fake news: No Wuhan coronavirus patients in our facilities, says Timberland Medical Centre


KUCHING: Timberland Medical Centre has denounced those spreading rumours that it had admitted patients suspected to have or are infected with the Wuhan coronavirus at its facilities.

The hospital issued a statement today after various rumours circulating online and on social media alleged that the hospital was treating such patients.

“This is absolutely fake news,” the statement on the hospital’s official Facebook page read.

“The hospital has adopted a number of precaution measures, including screening patients and visitors, to address the novel coronavirus outbreak and will continue to do so.

“To date, we categorically and unequivocally state that there are no suspected or confirmed novel coronavirus patients in our hospital.”

Rumours about the novel coronavirus spreading in various cities throughout Sarawak have gained momentum recently since the outbreak was announced, with many netizens spreading unconfirmed or unverified news about the disease.

Earlier today, Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii announced that the Sarawak General Hospital was currently in the midst of determining whether one patient had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Authorities have warned against spreading fake news regarding the outbreak, saying that stern action will be taken against irresponsible parties who spread fake contents or news or rumours on the coronavirus.