Monday, March 1

Fish fry hatcheries under development


Junz Wong (middle) and Ko-Nelayan officer Burhan (left) visit Jack Ho’s (right) fish hatchery.

SANDAKAN: The Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry’s plans to develop fish fry hatcheries in the state is underway.

During a visit to Sandakan during the Chinese New Year holidays, its minister Datuk Junz Wong said this development is vital to enable more Sabahans to venture into the aquaculture sector.

“The visit to a newly revived 13-acre fish fry hatchery in Sandakan with Ko Nelayan was led by the owner, Jacky Ho. They are currently producing four types of marine fish fries, including the fish fries of red snappers and Rockcod grouper.

“We will then use the fries hatched for Sabah government programmes. So even Sabahans who have zero experience in the aquaculture industry, but are interested to do, can soon be part of this industry,” said Junz.

He said this initiative is one of the many important initiatives stipulated in the Sabah Agriculture Blueprint 2021-2030.

“The setting up of numerous such hatcheries as per the Sabah Agriculture Blueprint 2021-2030 will result in sufficient supplies of fish fries for aquaculture purposes.

“This is one of the important reforms in the ministry, which givesSabahans an opportunity to make extra income. We can also boost Sabah’s economy and aquaculture sector in a sustainable way,” he said.

Moving forward, Junz said more land will be used for the expansion of this programme.

“This hatchery alone is 13 acres, and the investor has another 26 acres ready for further expansion purposes. So the coordination between the private sector and Ko Nelayan is very important to facilitate the supply for participants on a larger scale.

“We want to enable more Sabahans to take part in the aquaculture industry,” he added.