Wednesday, November 30

KPLB focuses on socio-economic, human capital development


PUTRAJAYA: Socio-economic and human capital developments of the rural communities will become the main focus of the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) this year, said its Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun.

She said the rural communities must be given fair and equal opportunity in enjoying a more prosperous life in terms of the infrastructure provided, and, more importantly, in socio-economic and human capital developments.

“Among the existing target groups are the youths who have ended schooling but are finding difficulties in transitioning to the world of employment.

“The existing human capital market will be able to accommodate the shortfalls in numerous job sectors if they are given support and are in a programme which is more specific based on the current economic needs,’’ she said in her speech at the Prime Minister’s Friendly Gathering With Strategic Friends of KPLB here yesterday.

Through the 2030 Prosperous Rural Area Vision, she said her ministry would not only be providing and upgrading rural infrastructural facilities such as clean water, roads, electricity and houses to the poor, but more importantly it is upgrading rural communities in terms of socio-economy and human capital.

In the meantime, Rina also urged corporate companies to seek out existing opportunities or new ones in the rural areas to help develop human capitals who were productive and have economic capabilities.

“There are more than 15,000 villages in Malaysia.

Indeed, with this large number, the ministry needs the support of all stakeholders including corporate bodies, government-linked companies and private sector companies,” he added. — Bernama