Tuesday, July 7

Returning to work after a career break


EXPERIENCING a burnout from work is normal for young working professionals due to our modern lifestyle.

From high-pressured jobs to loneliness and the busy traffic, we all need a career break to unwind from our hectic life. However, following a career break, you might find that you will be slightly out of touch and feeling anxious on how to get back on track.

Despite the stigma surrounding it, taking a career break might actually be a good thing, but if afterwards you have plans to return to work, here are some tips that you might find useful to get yourself ready.

Catch up on your work field or industry

When taking a career break, it is easy to lose touch with the latest updates in your field or industry.

During this time, do remember to look up on the latest industry news and development in your field. This will be helpful once you restart your working life.

Update your resume

If you do feel like jumping into the employment scene after a break, don’t forget to update your resume and explain to your current employer regarding your career break.

Add all the new skills that you may have developed during your break and explain how they can be relevant to your field of work.

For instance, you might have taken an online technology course or done some volunteer work to develop your skills during your break.

Refresh your wardrobe

After a career break, one of things you can do to have a fresh start is to refresh your wardrobe.

Appearance does matter and in the workplace, you will be judged on how you present yourself.

So, make sure you look presentable and up to date when you show up for work or an interview. While it may be unnecessary for you to buy a new set of clothes, you can invest in outfits that fit you well and make you look professional.

This will show that you take your job seriously and you will also feel more confident.

Rebuild your network

After returning from your career break, don’t forget to use your existing connections. For instance, you can still stay in touch with your current colleagues, acquaintances, clients, family and friends.

Chances are they might be able to point you in the right direction as to what could be your next career step.

Apart from that, this might be a good opportunity to prepare any potential references if you are looking for a new job.

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