Tuesday, September 28

Married couple bound, blindfolded by armed robbers during robbery in Kuching


KUCHING: A married couple was bound and blindfolded by a group of masked robbers at their home in Taman Lotak Wira, Jalan Stephen Yong, here, around 3am yesterday.

Padawan District police chief Supt Aidil Bolhassan who confirmed the case, said the robbers managed to get away with the couple’s jewellery, two smartphones and their cars – a Toyota Altis and a Toyota Vios.

He said the couple, aged 30 and 34-years-old, claimed that their wrists and ankles were bound with a rope by the robbers before their faces were covered with a towel.

Believed to be armed with sharp objects, the robbers forced their way into the master bedroom by breaking the door’s knob with a cooking gas cylinder.

“Based on the house’s close circuit television, the robbers first gained entry into the house through a toilet window,” said Aidil in a statement today.

He said at least four robbers could be seen to be using an unused grill that they have found in the house’s compound as a ladder.

It was also revealed that the corner unit house had recently completed its renovation works.

The house, he said, is also surrounded by secondary jungles.

He said the couple did not sustain any physical injuries in the robbery and the case will be investigated under Section 395 / Section 397 of the Penal Code.

The police are currently investigating and tracking down the suspects.