Saturday, October 24

Frequent travellers complain about lack of safety measures at Pan Borneo Highway construction sites


Photo shows the condition of travelling along the Miri-Bintulu Road section of the Pan Borneo Highway at night.

MIRI: Frequent travellers have expressed dissatisfaction over the safety measures being implemented along the Pan Borneo Highway construction sites.

According to Telang Usan Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth chief Councillor Dominic Nyurang, many stretches, particularly that spanning from Long Lama to Miri, are ‘in total darkness’ – there are not even basic reflectors or blinking signs along the road to indicate directions.

“This is a real hazard for road users. I believe there’s a minimum safety requirement that relevant parties should adhere to.

“While we can understand that the condition of the road is not good during construction time, the safety aspects should not be taken for granted as it could contributed to casualties should an accident occurred.

“I really hope the departments concerned would take serious action to overcome this hazardous condition,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Another frequent Long Lama-Miri road traveller Penghulu Nawan Luhat complained about lack of street lights or reflectors – a dangerous situation at night, especially at road curves or high-risk spots.

“Some sections of the road have become narrow due to earth-filling works on both sides – this poses great danger to motorists.

“These narrow, low-lying stretches would ‘turn into’ monsoon drains or ponds during rainy days – another hazard to passing vehicles. Certain outlets should be dug out to drain the water out.

“Some spots on the road have cracks or indentations, making the surface uneven and thus, causing a very bumpy and dangerous driving experience,” he added.

Concurring with Dominic and Nawan, Telang Usan 4WD Vehicle Owners Association (PPERTU) chairman Councillor Jarau Braim was also very concerned about the safety issues over the construction sites along the Pan Borneo Highway.

“As chairman of PPERTU, I would suggest that the safety aspects involving all construction works on the Pan Borneo highway to be looked into seriously, in the interest of public safety,” he said.

Last Saturday, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau and two local reporters were involved in an accident while travelling from Long Lama to Miri on board a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

In the 12.25am incident, the SUV had overturned after Dennis lost control of the vehicle, upon approaching a Pan Borneo Highway construction site near Bukit Song along the Miri-Bintulu Road.

Dennis and the reporters were unhurt.