Thursday, July 2

Individuals who are unwell advised to avoid attending any gathering



Individuals who are unwell are advised to avoid attending any gathering, meeting, conference or religious events in view of the Novel coronavirus epidemic.

KUCHING: Individuals who are unwell are advised to avoid attending any gathering, meeting, conference or religious events.

Sarawak Health Department said these are among their recommendations for public in view of the Novel coronavirus epidemic.

It said these recommendations were suggested at the State Disaster Management Committee meeting here today.

It advises any staff or participants who fell sick or unwell during any event to leave immediately and to seek appropriate medical attention.

“Individuals under home surveillance should not attend any such function or event.

“They are strongly advised to remain at home and minimise their times spent in public places”, it said in a statement today.

The Sarawak Health Department added that there was no need for any individual who are well to wear the mask.

“All should remain vigilant and practice good personal hygiene such as washing their hands regularly and avoid touching their face.

“Avoid shaking hands or physical contact with other participants and consider adopting alternative greetings,” it said.

The Sarawak Health Department also suggested that in organising any event, the organisers or the secretariat be responsible to take the following necessary precautionary measures.

  1. All participants with respiratory symptoms be given face masks prior to coming in.
  2. They must deny entry to unwell individual.
  3. Hand rub or hand sanitizer be provided at pre and post entrance into the facility or meeting room.
  4. They are advised to carry out temperature screening if possible.
  5. They must increase the frequency of cleaning of all commonly used areas like the washrooms, registration and payment counters and dining areas.The Immigration department counters, for instance , must do frequent cleaning and wiping of their thumbprint machines.
  6. They must maintain a registration list of all participants.

For the public transport sector and taxis, the Sarawak Health Department advised that buses, taxis and all other vehicle to be frequently cleaned with detergent or spray.

For schools and classes, the it recommended that symptons or temperature checking be done prior to entry into schools and classes.

“Students with history of travel to China and other risk countries should be deferred from schools for 14 days,” it said.